Latinos Need ESL Sidelined and the ABCs Up Front

The focus of Phonics for Latinos ABCs in Common is to minimize possible ABC delays for children from Spanish speaking homes. When these Latino kindergartners see English-only pictures, ‘A’ is for APPLE/manzana, a learning obstacle is created.

Often Latino kindergartners do not know where English begins and Spanish ends. It is then very complicated to solve the question as to which pictures begin alike. This can be an apple vs. orange type of dilemma. It is hard to know if BEAR/oso begins with the same sound as BED/cama. To learn the ABCs, all kindergartners should be able to compare the beginning sound of different images.

The use of cognates (BICYCLE/bicicleta) images which have the same beginning sound in Spanish and English bypasses any reason for delay. Kindergartners can then more easily recognize the beginning sound of images and make progress toward their ABCs.

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