Doing Things the Same Way…

Doing things the same way but expecting a different result is the meaning of being a dreamer.
      It is almost as if a Spanish-speaking child who wants to know how to bake a cake is given instructions in English. Only a dreamer would expect tasty results. It’s time to get real.
      The slow way to teach Latino kindergartners from Spanish speaking homes is to continue to show English-only ABC images (A is for APPLE/manzana). Requiring them to learn English first and put reading on the back burner encourages the ‘catch-up’ syndrome to flourish.
      A different outcome is possible since Spanish and English are similar languages. Cognates have the same beginning sounds in English and Spanish. T is for TURTLE/tortuga and M is for MUSIC/musica are user friendly visual examples. With Cognates like these, it seldom matters which language the child uses to identify the picture, placing the child squarely on the road to ABC success.
      Persisting with hard-to-decipher ABC visual sound clues builds barriers. Learning to read a simple concept becomes very difficult and discouraging. Latino students need genuine ABC support as they start their long literacy journey.
      Look at our website’s product page here for products that use Cognates to help teach the ABCs and beginning letter sounds in a positive and Latino friendly way.


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