Selecting Latino ABC Tools

For Latino kindergarteners it should be simple to classify spoken familiar ABC sounds, such as Ramon and Anna. Of course, user-friendly tools should be in play.

With Latino kindergartners, the consequences of repeating inappropriate ABC tools are severe, B is for BEAR/oso. Students will naturally try to comply with the ABC tools given to them. Instead of insisting on adapting the kindergartner to the inappropriate tool teachers should explore Spanish-English similarities to find user-friendly Pan-American cognate tools that work.

Exploring the language terrain will help teachers find the correct ABC tool. This knowledge is an essential first step to Latino ABC success.

What tools are available for Latino kindergartners to learn shared ABCs? There are two possibilities in play. The first are traditional English-only examples, B is for BEAR/oso, intended for English speaking kindergartners. These are counterproductive since Latino kindergartners have to learn the English name of the image. This is counterproductive to fast learning.

Instead the second available tool is Cognate Pan-American examples, B is for BICYCLE/bicicleta. These images are valid for both English and Spanish speaking students. They do not require any translation beforehand. Thus, the Latino kindergartner eases into literacy smoothly.

For Latino kindergartners, the most effective tools are Cognate Pan-American examples, A is for AIRPLANE/avion.

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