Good ABC News for Latino Readers

Bilingual teachers are not necessary to counteract today’s Latinos low ABC progress. Instead introduce PAN-AMERICAN ABCs (SPAN/ENGLISH) pictures, “A is for AIRPLANE/avion”, “B is for BOAT/barco” into your phonics program. The student does not have to decide which word is right, both words are correct. The visuals have the same beginning sound in both languages “B is for BOAT/barco” has no room for second language confusion. Both languages represent the same sound to the Latino kindergartner from a Spanish speaking home. The same reason for PAN-AMERICAN visuals applies to at least nineteen other Spanish English similar sounds: D, M, R, T, etc.

The strongest advantage of PAN-AMERICAN ABC sound clues is that Latinos do not fall into ABC catch-ups. Latinos remain on grade level, struggling to learn only two unknown sounds: “W” and “H”, which are important sounds to know. No reason to wait for bilingual teachers.


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