“English All The Time” Does Not Work

In April 2018 The 74 published Conor Williams’, a senior researcher in New America’s Education Policy Program, article “Americans Love Simple Solutions, but the ‘English All the Time’ Approach to Teaching ELL Students Doesn’t Actually Seem to Work Very Well” We are pleased to see that others are noticing this issue!

Latino kindergartners from Spanish-speaking homes could be learning basic ABCs as fast as their English-speaking peers. Spanish and English share many letter sounds, “D”, “T”, “M”, “R”, etc.

However, in school, Latino kindergartners from Spanish-speaking homes are exclusively exposed to English-only ABC visuals: B is for BEAR/oso, etc., before they even know English. Consequently, these Latino students are without meaningful ABC support.

Alternative Spanish/English examples, B is for BOAT/barco, do exist and are a possible option. Although Spanish/English examples, T is for TURTLE/tortuga, and other useful examples work for both English speaking students as well as for their Spanish speaking classmates they have  not yet become an essential part of ABC instruction.

These Spanish/English ABC tools could easily be an effective manner to even out early Latino ABC grade-level success between the groups once part of instruction.


Visit www.phonicsforlatinos-abcsincommon.com for more information.

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