Making The Complicated Simple Again

PHONICS FOR LATINOS – ABCs In COMMON seeks to untangle the English/Spanish ABC language confusion that is present in kindergarten today. No actual reason exists for this misunderstanding. Spanish and English are similar languages that share many letter sounds, D, T, M, etc. However, it appears that neither teacher nor students are aware of this fact.

Our mission is to simplify the ABC process by providing Spanish/English Cognate examples (B is for BICYCLE/bicicleta) to Latino kindergartners from Spanish speaking homes.

Today, Latino students come to kindergarten assuming they are going to learn how to label foreign letter sounds and not familiar ones.  Equally, teachers assume English letter sounds are totally strange to Latino kindergartners. This is a mistake. Therefore, what could be an easy and simple task has become very difficult and complicated one for both parties.

The ABC learning process can be simplified by using Spanish/English sound clues, like Cognates (B is for BICYCLE/bicicleta). Common ground between students and teachers can be found. No longer will a language barrier exist!

For more information about user-friendly Cognate ABC examples and products visit our website at

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