Overview: Our Goal

OUR GOAL: Smooth down the bumps in kindergarten ABC programs for Latino kindergartners from Spanish speaking homes.


Just the desire to want to express themselves, whether speaking or writing, is a gigantic step that should be respected. We provide ABC language support: User-friendly ABC cognate, visual examples:  TELEPHONE/telefono, TIGER/tigre, etc.


These examples promote valid, successful similar sound comparisons. Thereby bypassing a ‘catch-up’ mentality, which often arises early in Latino children’s academic literacy journey. Since these students are mentally in-between two languages–stronger in one language weaker in the other—early ABC support is a valuable contribution to their ABC literacy journey.


Our program merely helps them gain the ability in school to express themselves verbally or in writing. They feel confident that they are able to express their thoughts and wishes as well their peers can.


Learn more about PHONICS FOR LATINOS – ABCs In Common and our products at our website here:  http://phonicsforlatinos-abcsincommon.com/


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