“What Educators Think About Innovation”: A Response to Education Week’s Recent Article

Responding to EdWeek’s infographics “What Educators Think About Innovation


“Innovation” generally means improvement and changes. But not changes going down, but changes going up!

EducationWeek asked, “What do educators think about innovation?” Educators think it means improvement and that their students learn better. “Innovation” for students needs to go beyond watching the hands on the clock move. Students’ learning and getting their minds to move is innovation.

For the Latino kindergartners, from Spanish speaking homes, learning the ABCs with English symbols before they even know English is a nonstarter. This is not “innovation”. “Innovation,” truly means, for the Latino kindergartner using Spanish English visual examples (B is for BICYCLE/bicicleta”) in ABC lessons instead of the standard English only ones (B is for BEAR/oso).

“Innovations” are our Pan American ABC visual examples: “T is for TELEPHONE/telefono” or “T is for TIGER/tigre”.

Real “innovation” is going beyond the thinking that ‘they got to learn English’ because this is no longer valid for ABCs. With “innovation” (Spanish English examples) the ABCs fall into place very easily for Latino students.

Once “innovation” is truly in the classroom Latino students will progress and feel confident. Let’s see real “innovation” happen!

Let the principles join in for much needed “innovation” in kindergarten classes for Latinos.

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