The Importance of Appropriate Tools for Any Job

Normally before an electrician, plumber, or carpenter begins a job they check their tools to confirm they have selected the ‘right’ one.  Otherwise, the result of their project may not be favorable.

Hispanic kindergartners from Spanish speaking homes do not have this option. They must accept the provided ABC charts, flashcards, and workbook pages, which teachers place before them.

Currently ABC tools are weak examples to be sure. Mostly consist of hand-me down examples of years gone by, B is for BEAR/oso or A is for APPLE/manzana etc., which are also ‘premature’ examples, taking years to be effective for the Latino kindergartner.

Since these students currently score poorly on literacy tests the main issue is figuring out whether the slowdown is caused by the type of (ENGLISH-ONLY) visual images Latino students must work with.  It is assumed no other possibility exists. Would different examples such as combination Spanish/English user-friendly visual examples, B is for BICYCLE/bicicleta, make a favorable difference in the scoring?

If the literacy scores between all Americans learning to read and otherwise is to become stronger, a more careful look should be placed on the kind of tools chosen to complete the assignment.


For more information about the “right” Spanish/English ABC tools that PHONICS FOR LATINOS – ABCs In Common can provide parents, schools, and Latino students check out our website at:

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