Restoring the Natural and Logical ABC Entrance for Hispanic Kindergartners

If the goal is to build solid American citizens out of the children of Hispanic migrants in kindergarten we are missing the target. The ABCs are the primary mission of all kindergartners.

Yet, we assume that premature examples, B is for BEAR/oso, and using English-only picture names are the only way to reading success. Kindergartner’s low ABC scores should reveal the fallacy of this approach.

This current literacy system ignores the fact that Spanish and English are similar languages and share many letter sounds (M, T, R, etc.). Revealing these common sounds to students and teachers is the fastest way to accomplish literacy and build future literate citizens. B is for BICYCLE/bicicleta serves their immediate purpose.

It’s about time we cease confusing Hispanic kindergartners with English-only examples (A is for APPLE/manzana). Instead show Cognates, joint English Spanish examples (A is for AIRPLANE/avion). Students can now recall the names and move forward.

Cognates accelerate ABC progress. Building their natural strength will bring the Latino kindergartner joy in reading by creating a successful atmosphere. This will prevent Latino students from feeling like outsiders when it comes to reading. Reading can become a happy moment for Latino kindergartners.


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