Latino Parents – Step Up!

Between 1996 and 2016, the United States Census has reported an increase in the Hispanic kindergartner population from 14.9% to 25.7%.  How ready are classrooms and teachers to receive large numbers of new Spanish-speaking kindergartners?

Are the Hispanic students able to keep up with their classmates? These students have an open entrance into learning the ABCs. Spanish and English are similar languages. They are merely missing the symbols ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ etc. for the sounds they already know. Parents can be a great aid to the ABC comparison process.

The role for the radio and newspapers is to inform parents they can help their children’s ABC progress in schools. Making beginning sound comparisons is the basis of the ABC system. Parents can confirm which pictures begin alike.

David knows the sound of ‘D’ very well as does Maria know the sound of ‘M’. PHONICS FOR LATINOS – ABCs in COMMON is here to make the introduction as simple as possible for teachers and students. Our user-friendly ABC cognate examples (A is for AIRPLANE/avion) expand Spanish vocabulary for English students. For the Latino students, they provide a firm entrance into the ABC system.

Our cognate ABC phonics kits introduce user-friendly examples like “B is for BICYCLE/bicicleta”. These should strengthen the educational foundation of our future leaders! For more information visit the Phonics for Latinos – ABCs in Common website at

Cognates are a tremendous advantage for the current ABC system. Once the parents are invited into the ABC programs, student literacy improves. Our goal is to help students get the best education possible. I would really appreciate if you could mention our kit on your channel and help us spread the word. Let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for your time!


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